Jessica Laren Harris

Jessica Laren Harris
1992 - 2010

Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Funeral Tribute to Jessica from Papa Leland Harris

I begin with a plea for everyone of us: Please, please, purger from your mind: "Why?", "What if?", "I wonder if?", "I should have", "I could have", "Why did I?", "Why didn't I?", "If only..."

Instead, remember, remember the times you hugged sweet Jessica, and said, "I love you... I am proud of are wonderful... nice job... it is so good to see you... hang in there...." Remember the notes and cards filled with words of hope and encouragement. Remember her beautiful smile that warmed your heart, and made you feed good to be her friend.

Miss no opportunitiy to hug those who are still with you. Tell them, "I love you.... thank you... you are are so important to me."

Jessica was preparing to receive her patriarchal blessing. I am sorry that I missed the opportunity to pronounce that blessing. I know it would have been filled with an assurance of how much her Heavenly Father loves her,a nd of her unlimited potential and abilities, and the admiration that others have for her. I testify that no blessing essential to her eternal life will be denied her, including temple ordinances, an eternal companion and an eternal family.

Before any of us knew Jessica her on her she lived as an "Unembodied Spirit" in a heavenly realm, with her loving Heavenly Parents, and with numberless people who loved her as we do.

Seventeen years ago, she made an "Informed Choice" to leave and to experience mortality, even knowing beforehand that she would face difficulties and challenges, but would have opportunity to obtain a physical body, and secure eternal blessings and endless association with all whom she loved.

After her departure, I am sure there was a gathting similar there to this, where a multitude share pleasant and tender memories, of times spent together, how they would miss her, and of their love for her. They sorrowed at her leaving, and looked forward to the time when they would again be reunited again.

At that same time here upon earth, loving parents, family, neighbors, and others gathered to welcome, to admire and to love that beautiful new baby, Jessica, now an "Embodied Spirit," and to provide tender and loving care for her.

Last Saturday, Jessica made an "Uniformed Choice" to leave. She still lives, now as a "Dis-Embodied Spirit." Now, we are the ones gathered to sorrow, to share loving memories, and to celebrate her life and the countless ways she blessed our lives. At this time, she is filled with joy as she is welcomed, with great rejoicing, be her beloved grandmother, Nelda, and countless others who love her, and will assist her in the glorious environment she will dwell, until her resurrection as a "Re-Embodied Spirit".

I testify that I Know, I Know, that we will again meet our beautiful Jessica, in a sweet and everlasting reunion, made possible by the tender mercies of our loving Father in Heaven and the infinite atoning sacrifice by His beloved Son, Jesus Christ, in His Holy name. Amen

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